Half of your sick leave costs are for mental health.

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Please let’s face facts. We’re all overworked, so when we see statistics showing that nearly half of all people calling in sick are having a “mental health day” how are we doing our very best to reduce occupational stress in New Zealand? Telling your boss you have a mental health issue is hard so why aren’t we taking a closer … Read More

Six things you should know about corporate wellness programmes

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1. There is no one size fits all. Wellbeing programs fall along a spectrum, from clay workshops, yoga and massages to random acts of kindness, mindfulness workshops and Fitbit step count programmes. What’s important is that you’re elevating the role wellness plays in your company culture. Whether your wellness plan is new or established the goal is to continually make … Read More

Project grant for remote blood pressure monitoring

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Doctor2Go is pleased to announce it will receive a Callaghan Innovation Project Grant to help integrate blood pressure monitoring into its telemedicine service. Doctor2Go offers consultations with doctors in different locations, over a secure internet platform, and with the assistance of smart medical diagnostic tools. A new blood pressure monitoring integration will allow doctors to remotely walk their patients through … Read More

How we use data to keep your employees well

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Doctor2Go is using biometrics in the workplace where the participants have opted in for coaching as a part of a personalized digital health wellness initiative. Monitoring biometric data like blood pressure and heart rate is critical to providing effective patient care. Until very recently collecting this vital clinical information required healthcare providers to be present with the patient. However, all … Read More

What new ideas are you implementing after the Southern Cross Wellness Now Conference

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If your business is Southern Cross customer and you attended the Wellbeing Nov 2017 conference at Sky City in November, then you’ve heard of Doctor2Go. This is because one of our co-founders came third place on the erg kayaking competition where you were invited to challenge Lisa Carrington’s time. We’re a passionate bunch at Doctor2Go and always willing to give … Read More

Healthy workplaces are more profitable – Telehealth is good for the bottomline

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Last Friday we had a potential new customer who advised us he was feeling ill and needed to see his GP the following  Monday. This meant changing our meeting scheduled for that day. We were to discuss implementing Doctor2Go. We set up some credentials, spoke with our medical team to ensure they were fine with accepting a new patient we … Read More

Are you meeting your legal & ethical obligations to reduce occupational stress?

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Pressure in the workplace is inevitable due to the requirements of the contemporary work environment. When that pressure becomes excessive or otherwise unmanageable, it leads to stress. According to the World Health Organization, work-related stress is recognized worldwide as a major challenge to workers’ health. Stress can be harmful to workers’ health and at the same time damage their organizations’ … Read More

The Growing Trend towards Telehealth: Virtual healthcare in the workplace

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Increased access to computers, the Internet, and cellphones is changing how people communicate, exchange information, and learn. Because of this, there has been a growing trend towards telehealth. Furthermore, this is changing how medicine is practised and is progressively becoming requisite to healthcare infrastructures, particularly in developed countries.  Telehealth allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using … Read More

Has the current on-site nurse model become outdated?

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Many registered nurses choose to work as on-site nurses for organisations. These on-site nurses focus on the well-being of an organisation’s employees. In addition, they empower and support employees in leading healthier lives, and aid in overall workplace health improvement. However, the current on-site nurse model leaves much room for improvement. Firstly, staff not working at head office are unable … Read More