Consumer telehealth builds rapidly in 2019 as awareness increases.

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We’re excited about the traction the telehealth is getting in New Zealand.

It’s been possible to see a doctor online in other countries for quite some time now, but in New Zealand, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in the work that we are doing to help you see a GP online.

One of our co-founders Matthew Jackson was accepted into the Edmund Hillary Foundation Cohort 3, because of his vision for healthcare in the future. EHF Fellows are innovative entrepreneurs and investors building new solutions to create a positive impact on the world, and contributing to the transformation of New Zealand’s economy.

We were invited to speak at the HR Innovation and Techfest where Doctor2Go pitched the idea of digital health vs two other innovative HR start-ups. Doctor2Go won the crowd vote for the best idea.

Pharmacy Today conducted a review of our service because we have made Doctor2Go available on tablets in New Zealand pharmacies in regions where wait times to see and GP can be days or weeks. This aspect of our work is essential as it lets what options exist where there is a an unmet need. After this news was released we have Pharmacies other regions of New Zealand reach out to us an explain their patients have two weeks wait time to see a GP and ask could we help them.

Doctors2Go_ Pharmacy Today September 2018

We also found met a company who said their staff couldn’t be enrolled in a local practice because they aren’t taking on board new patients. This business is working with us to install a wellness room and provide staff access to our online GP services in a region of New Zealand with GP shortages.

We were featured in telehealth news articles by NZ Herald for remote blood pressure monitoring clinical trials. This work was also featured in the latest newsletter from MedTech Consortium for Medical Device Technologies, because we’ve made remote blood pressure using telemedicine a reality for New Zealanders by collaborating with nib and Callaghan.

This week we showcased at the Tilt HealthCare conference, demo-ing the nib telehealth portal to the pharmacy industry. We were discussing design thinking and consumer health UX. The speakers, included Dr Lance O’Sullivan from iMoko, we’re aligned with his reasoning and recognise it’s essential that we’re not alone in this mission to reinvent healthcare.

Next week we’re speaking at the Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand conference in Hamilton, talking about digital healthcare and the impact on student well-being and mental health. We’re discussing healthcare privacy and artificial intelligence in healthcare. We’re a sponsor of the HSPNZ Conference in Christchurch where we’re discussing how cultural innovation can improve worker health and safety.