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Concierge Medical Services is New Zealand’s leader in telehealth.

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Concierge Medical Services is a New Zealand leader in telehealth, committed to delivering an outstanding consumer healthcare service for New Zealanders. We strive to reduce wait times and make seeing a GP more immediate and convenient. To achieve this we promote consumer engagement by working with third-parties looking to give their customers or members a benefit through enhanced wellness.


New Zealand’s first concierge medicine provider!

We know that because New Zealand based concierge medicine never has before been an option for you to consider, it will provide your brand with a point of difference your customers have never experienced previously. Show your customers you care about their wellness. There is a range of options for co-branding, sponsorship, discount structures are integrated into the platform. These options provide your company with flexibility about how you would like market a special offer.

Offer a premium service to your customers.

Our premium service offering is ideally suited to providers looking to offer their high-value client with a service in the palm of their hand that addresses their most important personal and family needs. The customer’s data remains their own; our platform manages the accounting and billing relationships to remove complexity.


Working with industry leaders!

Concierge Medical Services is honoured to work with leaders in healthcare, employers, governments and retailers committed to making New Zealand primary care more accessible than ever before.

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