Online doctor visits offer convenience & lower costs

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When we meet with people we often ask them if they have ever had an online GP appointment with a New Zealand Doctor; the response is always no.  Click to call services to see a Doctor online in New Zealand have not been set-up by established medical service providers who seem happy to keep the status quo. Some GP’s have been using Skype but we expect that the New Zealand public healthcare system will be disrupted by private players who put customer service at the centre of the decision and give patients control of their health data.

It’s true that we often refer to our patients as customers, but that’s because we like to think of them as somebody that we ensure we deliver the highest levels of customer service to. Perhaps that’s why our digital healthcare business is gaming so much traction at the moment as we make doctors available online in New Zealand.

An online doctor will save you time. According to New Zealand Ministry of Health statistics, 1 and 5 of us cannot see a GP on the day that we would like to. For the rest of us it means sitting in a waiting room hoping that will be caught out next, is it any wonder that we avoid going to the doctor at all? In today’s modern society see a doctor online should be as normal as using Uber or AirBnB. Yes, that means an online doctor is it for everybody but given the average Kiwi goes to the doctor at least two to three times a year how much time are we losing in productivity.

Visiting a New Zealand doctor online is simple, and the more we use technology to allow people to access a doctor, the sooner we can move into a proactive care model because people can easily see a doctor because they don’t need to spend time travelling or waiting. Visiting an online doctor is as simple, we all have broadband connected devices, and nearly every device has a front-facing camera.

Of course, virtual visits can’t do everything that a doctor can do in-person. But in the average primary care check-up, a patient sees a doctor for about 7 minutes. In that context, it’s not hard to see the advantage of cutting out the extra time and making the most of a short visit. There is criticism that virtual GP visits aren’t just a “good-enough” replacement for when a “real” visit isn’t possible. In many ways, virtual visits are actually superior.

1. Convenient for both patient and doctor

2. Increased patient engagement from medical file sharing, and collaboration tools which show the patient’s data

3. A virtual waiting room is better than the physical one

4. Automated record-keeping

5. Anecdotally, patients feel like doctors pay better attention to them during virtual visits

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